Security is an important issue for organizations as well as individuals. I would advise all organizations to attain and maintain a sound security posture. The work that Sanjay Tandon is doing to help organizations become and stay secure is great for the ecosystem."

–  JC Cannon,  Senior Privacy Strategist,  Trustworthy Computing Group,  Microsoft Corporation

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Program Manager, Active Directory Security, Microsoft Corporation

From the US Capitol to the British Houses of Parliament and from Corporate America to the emerging business corridors of Asia, as the foundation of a Microsoft Windows Server based IT infrastructure, Active Directory is the foundation of identity and access management at over 80% of organizations worldwide.

From 2001 through 2005, I was Program Manager for Active Directory security on Microsoft’s Windows Server Development team. In this role, I was responsible for all aspects of Active Directory security. My responsibilities included designing Windows and Active Directory security features, authoring authoritative Microsoft technical documentation, presenting at industry conferences, and providing strategic security guidance to Microsoft’s customers.

While at Microsoft, I had the opportunity to help improve the security posture of numerous Fortune 100 companies and governments around the world. I also proposed, conducted and delivered a risk assessment of Microsoft’s global IT security infrastructure. In 2004, I received the "Passion for Customers" award from Microsoft.

In July 2005, I moved on from Microsoft to do my bit to secure the world.

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